Digital Menuboards....not only for restaurants.

Digital Signage

Advantages with Digital Menuboards:

Digital Menuboards are digital signage solution that allows you to design, edit, manage and program your digital menu of one or several locations at any time and from any device. If you are a chain and have integrated digital signage in several of your restaurants, events, hotel rooms, etc … modify and update the information in a synchronized manner.

Edit prices, add images, change product descriptions, move text, create slide shows and include videos into you digital menuboard. Create a new design, or choose from our customizable templates or upload your own product images if you prefer.

Create an unlimited number of playlists; a digital menu for breakfast, lunch menu, dinner menu and anything you like ready to programme retrospectively..

Additionally digital menuboards have tactile interaction and RFID technology for events. It manages access to large events more quickly and efficiently. Everything with the same platform and at the same price.

You will need an external hardware – feel free to download our app to visualize the experience. Click here if you wish to download.

If you are interested in the Digital Signage Menuboard, please contact us.

Digital menu boards for any business:

A Digital Menuboard makes it easier to speed up service, increase average consumption and modernize your brand image.

Create your Digital Menuboard in less than 15 minutes!

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