Corporate Radio

We create tailor made music,
personalized music for your brand.

Ambimedia offers a corporate radio for your business, if what you want is to have a personalized musical selection tailored to your brand. Always environmental music and personalized to your liking, programmed by specialists in corporate communication and professionals from the world of Radio with a recognized prestige.

At Ambimedia Marketing we set up your customized music content service, improving your costs and increasing your benefits. With the Corporate Radio you can choose any of the available services at any time.

Radio Corporativa para empresas. Dispón de una selección musical personalizada y a medida de tu imagen de marca. 

Corporate radio for brands:

Services with a Corporate Radio in your store:

Copyrights included or commercial music.

Recording and programming of advertising wedges (multi-language).

Recording of jingles or corporate messages.

Communication campaigns over public address systems.

Facilitates the management of individualized programming in commercial chains.

Choose between commercial music or free PPL/PRS music

General Requirements:
  • ADSL / Internet service (1 RJ45 connection available on the router).
  • A compatible Windows, Android, IOS or MAC device.
  • Public address system with speakers and amplifier with a free input.
  • If you do not have a public address system, we can also help you
Music exempt of payment to PPL/PRS
  • Less recognized music will make your site an exclusive place
  • Announcements and messages
Commercial Music
  • We adapt the music to each moment in the day or week.
  • We integrate your corporate and advertising messages in a coherent and functional way.
  • We will develop a constant review of the musical concept.

Clients with music services

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