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Audiovisual Marketing and Communication for Retailers

Who are we?

Ambimedia Ltd is a digital marketing and communication company with offices in Chesterfield, Madrid and Barcelona.. First of all, our challenge is with each project to create innovative experiences for the consumer at the point of sale.

Our team is made up of people who are passionate about the great challenges proposed by the latest trends, technologies and communication and marketing needs.

Who are we targeting?

All our services are intended for any commercial business, as well as hotels, department stores, restaurants, shops, gyms, beauty & wellness salons,…

What we do

Likewise, we have the soul, service and technology to create sensations in commercial environments with impressive marketing tools.

Our mission, therefore, will always be to make customers’ visits to establishments a unique and memorable experience. That is why we integrate innovation, creativity and technology with reliable and friendly systems.

Finally, digital marketing is constantly changing, and that means that year after year we evolve and learn new techniques and solutions. In this way, we always hope to be able to provide the best service to our clients and with the best results.

Audiovisual Company with 30 years experience

More than 2000 clients in 14 countries.
We have been expanding since our beginnings in 2005 and supplying our services in 14 countries. We have subsidiaries in the USA, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Mozambique, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Oman, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, India and Australia.

Audiovisual Marketing Company.
How do we do it?


Each new project allows us to discover solutions and integrate systems, which is why we provide unique solutions that improve visibility and profitability for our clients.


Our specialized team is in charge of coordinating every aspect of the project so that we can offer solutions that make its management easier.


We are an audiovisual marketing and communication company with an experienced team. We have a successful experience in design, engineering, audiovisual installations and innovation, thus contributing their vision to each new project.

Our clients

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