Background Music for your business

Background music designed exclusively to create spaces that seduce.

Ambimedia Ltd offer background music for business. Infinite studies guarantee that the use of music at the point of sale has a direct impact on the consumer’s behavior. Whether it is about the purchase decision, the quantity of products they acquire or the time they spent in the establishment.

For this reason, Ambimedia Ltd offer background music for business that will always be updated and adjusted to your brand image. In short, the musical thread is the ideal complement for commercial establishments, gyms, wellness, hotels and restaurants.

Hilo musical para comercios y disfruta de una amplia variedad de estilos musicales.

Background music for your business:

Would you like to broadcast professional spots in your music?

Inform your customers about promotions and products?

Advertise offers right now?

Background music royalty free:

What is background music royalty free for stores?

Ambimedia Marketing has an agreement with the owners of the rights of a music catalog created by great professionals of the sector.  Musicians, singers, artists, editors … For that reason, you can have non copyright background music in your business fully suitable, also assuming great savings.

With background music royalty free or without PPL/PRS, which is the same, you can enjoy a wide variety of music styles in your business.  From Pop, Dance, to ChillOut, Instrumental, Lounge, Jazz, Soul, SPA and of course, Christmas.

  • Up to 5 music channels in a single area.
  • A program menu in the front will allow you to select between different musical styles.
  • The music format that sounds at each moment will be shown on the display together with the artist to which the song belongs.

Music exempt from payment to PPL/PRS


  • 20 music styles.
  • Possibility of recording  advertising spots between the background music.
  • Tailored music according to your brand, moment and day of the week

Commercial music PPL/PRS repertoire

  • 15 Channels
  • 1 Xmas Channel
  • Monthly updates
  • Player rental and maintenance as an option

Commercial Background Music for bussines:

Commercial music for your store

In order to do public communication of commercial music in your business, you may need to obtain permission from the owners of the copyright. Normally the Copyrights Associations holds this copyrights and legislation may vary from one territory to another.

To be able to use any commercial music, whether national or foreign, you just may have to get your license and you can freely use the entire music repertoire in your store.

Please contact us for any question on the use of the different repertoires and it application
The channels are updated frequently with the proper music.


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